Rules & Requirements


The aim of the IMRO Awards is to celebrate programming that caters principally for the needs of the radio audience on the island of Ireland.

It is very much in your own interest to read the rules, category descriptions and judging criteria carefully to decide whether your proposed submission is eligible for the category you have selected, and to find out what materials you will need to support your entry.

Disqualification may occur if the submission requirements are not fulfilled.

Who can enter?

Entries can be made by licensed analogue and digital terrestrial commercial and public service radio stations operating on the island of Ireland. Entries must have originated from and been first broadcast on the island of Ireland.

Independent radio producers are eligible to enter but must present proof of transmission by the relevant qualifying station. In addition to the maximum of 5 entries which each station is permitted to submit in each category, independent producers may submit one entry per category on the payment of the €100 euro entry fee. Proof of broadcast from a qualifying station must be submitted with all independent entries.

Please note that all entries must be signed off by the Station Manager or Head.

The Closing date

Entries must be logged on-line at and be completed no later than 4pm on Friday 30th June 2017

Once submitted, entries remain the property of the IMRO Radio Awards and cannot be withdrawn.

To qualify, entries must have been broadcast between 1st June 2016 and 31st May 2017.

Please note that entries will only be accepted on-line on mp3. Entries received in any other format will not be admitted for judging.

Each programme may only be entered in one programme category and only once into that category.

Rules regarding Submitting Broadcast Material

You MUST include the following with your submission(s):

  • No alteration of transmitted material is permitted.
  • Where permitted, music, ad breaks and information segments may be telescoped, with a 2 second dead air “intro” and “outro” indexing the telescoping. No further alteration of transmitted material is permitted.
  • Additional production e.g.the insertion of music beds, voice–overs or voice links between extracts is not permitted. Entries may be disqualified if they do not comply with this requirement.
  • Where issues of editing arise during the judging process, stations may be called upon to provide original log tapes.
  • The same conditions apply to programme compilations – extracts, therefore, should not be internally edited. Please note that entries are required to be in transmission sequence and not necessarily continuous.
  • A copy of the full programme from which extracts are taken should be retained. Failure to supply this on request may result in disqualification, subject to the judges’ discretion.
  • If you are submitting a compilation of extracts, please fade down and fade up between each extract.

Rules regarding Submitting Written Material

You MUST include the following with your submission(s):

  • To aid the judging process you MUST include a running order outlining the content and sequencing of the entry you are submitting unless the category entry requirements specifically exclude it. This should be attached when up-loading your entry on-line.
  • A written summary (250 words max. with the exception of Group F where a max. 500 word summary must be entered) to position your entry and to put it into context, explaining how it served your audience and met your objectives. Please attach this document when uploading your entry on-line.
  • The sponsors, organising committee and judging panel will not be held accountable for the failure of any judge or judges to follow the judging instructions issued to them.
  • All ‘ties’ will be decided by the casting vote of the chairperson of the judging panel.
  • The organising committee may, at its sole discretion, decide to use any entry or entries in the public domain (broadcasting for example), for the purpose of promoting the IMRO Radio Awards. Entrants agree to the use of their entries – or any part of them – for this purpose and waive any claim they may have to remuneration.
  • The decision of the judges is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  • Submitting an entry to the IMRO Radio Awards is deemed to confirm your acceptance of all the terms and conditions that apply.

Helpful Information

  • Where a time limit is applied, providing redundant material merely to achieve the full duration will not improve your chances.
  • Remember to check that your entry actually plays before clicking “submit”
  • Choose carefully - some categories are designed to recognise an individual’s contribution, while others clearly recognise a team effort.
  • Where a programme appears eligible for more than one category, entrants should select the one that most effectively showcases their work.
  • To reiterate, deviation from the guidelines – or missing information – may result in disqualification.
  • Entries will not be forwarded for judging if payment is not received by 4pm on Friday 30th June 2017.

Enquiries about any aspect of the awards should be directed to:
Sean Murtagh
M: 087 2575688


Entries must be completed by 4pm on Friday 30th June 2017 .

Make sure you have attached :

  • 1 proof of broadcast (if independent producer)
  • Running orders and supporting material